• Tactical HDCInnovative and differential solutions that offer the latest advances in adaptable, modular and safe technology
  • NTT Data Tactical HDC, with NATONTT Data Tactical HDC and its human team are part of the NATO DCIS-CUBE working group
  • NTT Data Tactical HDC, with EMUNTT Data Tactical HDC has successfully passed the load and performance tests conducted at the UME by reducing loads that took days to hours.
About us
HDC Main Features
Tactical HDC is our proposal to simplify and accelerate the deployment of CIS infrastructures in security fields through an innovative, adaptable and robust technology.
Our products
Ease of integrating new elements of connectivity, supply and security
Easy to transport and high resistance to failure
Maximum performance, minimum consumption and high performance
Intellectual Property Office of the European Union
Tactical HDC case Tempest certification by the Spanish CCN
Tactical HDC in FEINDEF
3 January 2022
NTT Data participated in the Spanish Defense Exhibition FEINDEF, presenting the Tactical HDC
Tactical HDC Case obtains Tempest certification
2 January 2022
Tactical HDC case obtains Tempest "0 Grade" certification by the Spanish CCN