• Innovative and differential solutionsLatest advances in adaptable, modular and secure technology
  • Innovative and differential solutionsLatest advances in adaptable, modular and secure technology
  • Innovative and differential solutionsLatest advances in adaptable, modular and secure technology

NTT Data Tactical HDC is NTT Data' proposal to simplify and accelerate the deployment of CIS infrastructures in emergency settings and is based on simplifying the number of elements to be deployed by applying the SDDC technology concept - Software Defined Datacenter that offers significant improvements in the speed of the deployment, field logistics and unprecedented ease to adapt quickly to new operational demands that may arise in the future.

Less hardware
Extending virtualization to all areas that involve a Datacenter deployment (Network, Storage, Security) significantly reduces the number of equipment that must be transported and the associated logistics.
More flexibility
We offer a wide range of software tools deployed on a standard x86 server platform that will allow the implementation of any current or future application, maintaining investment protection criteria.
More security
The virtualization of the local network (SDN) and its functions (NFV) associated with the concept of micro-segmentation, offers the unparalleled ability to manage the security of workloads with high granularity and control.
Less complexity
The tools we propose allow you to work with a single HW / SW specification for all types of deployment and consolidate security environments in an infrastructure, minimizing the impact of deployments.
Technical details

NTT Data Tactical HDC is a complete, easily deployable Datacenter, built with x86 servers and high-capacity, standards-based switches that it offers in a compact format, suitable for being deployed by two people that offers all the basic functionalities that are required in any center of professional data.

Equipped with up to eight (8) second generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, it guarantees power and compute compatibility for any load. NTT Data Tactical HDC supports a wide range of processors, from 16-core Intel Xeon Scalable Silver to the most powerful 28-core Intel Xeon Scalable Platinum.
NTT Data Tactical HDC memory capacity scales up to 12 Terabytes, being able to handle demanding workloads such as VDI farms capable of serving hundreds of operators.
NTT Data Tactical HDC primary storage is comprised entirely of Flash devices, from affordable SSDs to the latest generation of high-performance Intel OPTANE devices. The total net capacity that this next-generation Datacenter can hold is up to 256TB on high-performance NVMe disks.
The NTT Data Tactical HDC physical network interconnection meets the requirements of its components and 25Gbps and 100Gbps network technologies to meet the needs of both data transmission and storage services. platform.

NTT Data Tactical HDC is a complete product that offers the basic computing, storage, network and security capabilities of a modern Datacenter by integrating virtualization software that will allow any standard software or proprietary application developed on standard x86 platforms to be deployed on this system.

Integrated Storage Features


Integrated Network and Security Features

VLAN Bridge

NTT Data Tactical HDC offers a series of benefits in rapid deployment scenarios that no other product on the market is capable of achieving.

Concept Description Improvement
Ultra Dense Format Reduces the weight of transportable boxes while maintaining high levels of computing capacity. Facilitates increased capacity with a low rack footprint cost. Transportable for two people
Consumption Content It allows to extend the time of use of the UPSs in contingency situations. Free up food needs for other types of equipment. Reduces air conditioning needs. Reduces server energy consumption by 30%
Software Defined Datacenter Datacenter virtualization eliminates the need for physical security and storage equipment. It is delivered fully operational with all the elements of a datacenter available from the first moment. Reduces the physical volume of equipment by more than 50%.
Integrated Internal Safety Ring Integrated security features ensure a secure infrastructure based on the ZERO TRUST strategy. Interconnection with external networks is secured through the use of specific gateways and network segments. Fast interconnection with distribution and access layer.
Superior Performance Storage is presented directly to Virtual Machines, taking advantage of all their power. Input and output performance capable of taking on VDI loads without additional equipment. Complete system startup and shutdown in less than 15 minutes. Up to 2 million IOPS *.
Easily adaptable to future scenarios Optionally, an ideal automation system is integrated to speed up the installation of different scenarios. Integration with Kubernetes container-based applications is optionally supported natively. Up to 2 million IOPS *.